The latest Mount Bazarduzu is extraordinarily separate, the brand new prominence is mostly about dos,454m

The latest Mount Bazarduzu is extraordinarily separate, the brand new prominence is mostly about dos,454m

The fresh new southern area of the slope falls under Sahdag Milli Playground, the greatest National Playground away from Azerbaijan. Please be aware that if you’d like to ascend Bazarduzu from Azerbaijan, you will find three (3) prerequisites:

  1. A permit to have going to the federal park, in this instance Sahdag Milli Park.
  2. A license (registration) on the frontier army troops, you should buy it from the Azerbaijani Ministry out of Environment. Software procedure is to initiate 90 days up until the see.
  3. An escort off an accredited hill guide. Discover helpful information whenever requesting the allow to own the brand new national playground.

When you’re climbing Bazarduzu from the Russian top, merely a boundary zone allow away from FSB is required, it may be obtained throughout the FSB local agency for the Makhachkala (Dagestan), use 90 days in advance.


Shahdag (4,243m) is truly perhaps one of the most extraordinary hills not only in Azerbaijan, in addition to on the entire Caucasus. This new etymology of one’s identity comes on Persian keyword “Shah” – “king”, and the Turkic keyword “dag” – “mountain”, for this reason it is sometimes entitled Tzar Mountian. Shahdag is the peak of one’s Lateral Diversity. Shahdag is one of decided to go to slope to have cold temperatures sport.

West of Shahdag are two bluish lakes in the an enthusiastic altitude next to step three,500m. Periodically you can find good floods. On an altitude away from about2,000m you will discover Caucasian and bezoar goats, chamois, blackbirds and lizards.


Frequent hurricanes and you may storms turned the explanation for this new interesting label regarding the level. Tufandag means “hurricane”, and you will “dag”, because it has recently become recognized several paragraphs more than, function “mountain”. Tufandag (4,206m) are at the fresh new junction regarding Guba, Gusar and you can Gabala areas. Near by this new slope there is a premier-hill town away from Khynalyg, where representatives of just one really old peoples of Caucasus – new Khynalygians real time. That is why that it village a year becomes the place of head to to have a huge number of travelers.

The fresh uniqueness regarding local character additionally the wealth regarding hill streams and you will ponds supported once the an effective extra to create a ski resorts and a cable car right here. The latest cable-car requires people to various other accounts, while the highest section has reached throughout the dos,000m a good.s.l. You may enjoy the new viewpoints from Tufandag and Bazarduzu regarding cable car route and stay since the inspired as the high Russian poet and blogger Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov, which penned far regarding the Caucasus.

Beshbarmag Mountain

Besh Barmag Slope (Azerbaijani: Bes Barmaq) are more compact in size, merely 382m a good.s.l. however it turns out a rocky crown rising more than good ridge overgrown having turf. There was a beneficial mosque at the the ft.

Beshbarmag happens to be interpreted because the Five-fingers. It’s found in the Siazan Area of Azerbaijan, near by the newest Caspian Sea. Beshbarmag is definitely a well-known pilgrimage website. Considering a great legend, anyone with absolute advice which are at the new prayer home at the the top the fresh slope get his cherished need started real. There are even usually a lot of women right here who want to be pregnant. Toward mountain, boffins make the observations regarding migratory birds, since it is one of several key points of their channel.

The brand new Khyzy Slopes

After on Khyzy Hills, you become just like you try visiting Mars. This can be perhaps one of the most strange towns and cities in the nation. Cosmic terrain shimmer when you look at the red, tangerine, pink, red-colored, and you will beige styles. Centered on you to variation, such unbelievable hues of one’s slopes are caused by underground waters impacting the level of oxidation off metal rocks which the hills consist off.

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